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Root Canal Therapy

Your tooth is composed of 3 components:

Enamel: The outermost, hardest surface in the human body. It gives teeth that characteristic white colour

Dentin: The middle, slightly softer layer, yellowish in colour. Responsible for cold sensitivity if enamel has worn away. Responsible for the yellow appearance of older teeth

Pulp: The innermost layer. Dental pulp, found in the center of each tooth, contains a nerve and blood vessels which extend from the tooth’s root to bring vital nutrients to the tooth. If a tooth’s pulp is injured, damaged, or infected, the nerve within the pulp will die and unless endodontic treatment (root canal therapy) is performed, the tooth may get infected and die as well. The nerve can be infected by bacteria from large cavities, from infections in other teeth or damaged from trauma. In many cases, root canal therapy (removal of the diseased nerve and blood tissue in the tooth) can save damaged teeth by preserving the tooth in the mouth in an inactive state. After the root canal is successfully completed, restoring the tooth with a crown is usually highly recommended to preserve the tooth structure and provide strength for chewing.

How is a root canal completed:

  1. After the diagnosis, the dentist will anesthetize your tooth and isolate
  2. Any old restorations and cavities are removed from the tooth to prevent the spread of infection into the pulp
  3. The dental pulp is removed easily while medications are used to sterilize the inside of the tooth
  4. The tooth is carefully cleaned and shaped with instruments and sterile solutions
  5. A sterile restorative material is placed inside the root to “seal” the tooth from any new bacteria or leakage
  6. A restorative material with excellent sealing is placed over the tooth
  7. If the tooth has a compromised structure, a dental crown is highly recommended to preserve the integrity of the tooth

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