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Gum Disease Treatment

Non surgical gum therapy/ Dental Cleaning

The oral hygiene you practice at home—brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily—is ideal for keeping your smile healthy and beautiful between visits to your dentist. However, research shows there are certain areas of the teeth and gums only accessible to the dentist and dental hygienist. Homecare does not take the place of the more thorough hygiene appointment that professionals are able to provide. We provide this service at Lakeridge Dental. Dental hygiene is very important to prevent the ultimate problem of tooth loss.

As well as performing a more comprehensive hygiene routine, the Lakeridge Dental team can actively prevent or reverse gum disease with antimicrobials, or even educate you on a variety of dental options to keep your breath smelling fresh!

Why you need regular cleanings

Recent research has shown there is a huge connection between oral health with cardiovascular health, fetal health, diabetic conditions and inflammatory diseases. Unclean teeth can lead to cases of pneumonia in populations with compromised immune systems. Not only is a cleaning for your teeth, but it is absolutely essential for overall health. This is why at Lakeridge Dental, we focus on dental health as being absolutely critical to overall health. Read below for more information.

Do your gums bleed easily? Many patients do not know that Gum disease (Periodontal disease) is not an overnight occurrence—it is a slowly progressing disease. Interestingly, even those with gums that appear healthy and do not hurt may have Periodontal disease. Left untreated, periodontal disease can lead to larger issues, including mobile teeth and ultimately, tooth loss.

Did you know that gum disease has been proven to worsen blood sugar levels in Diabetic patients, worsen Cardiac diseases and even lead to preterm births and low birth weights if left untreated during pregnancy. Gum disease can happen even if you are vigilant about flossing, brushing and taking care of your teeth, which is why it is so important to get routine dental check-ups.

After your initial assessment or during your check-up, you will be assigned to one of our hygiene programs where you will be closely monitored for improvements in gum health. Our goal is to help you to maintain a beautiful and healthy set of gums to support your teeth long-term.

If you are looking for a new dental practice to provide cleanings and oral examinations, or have simply lapsed in your regular dental checkups in our office, please contact us today. We will be delighted to schedule an appointment for you, and answer any questions you may have about the hygiene services we offer.

Gum Disease Treatment Therapies

Should your dental visit indicate the presence of gum disease, Lakeridge Dental will work with you to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Scaling, oral hygiene instruction

  • The first line of treatment for any gums, healthy or unhealthy. Depending on the disease severity, it may be advantageous to consider more aggressive treatments that venture beyond the surface of the teeth and below the diseased gum line. Periodontal disease means there are certain types of bacteria and plaque collecting below the gumline that can be treated with specific topical medications, or additional treatments like curettage or root-planing.


  • Diseased soft tissue attacked by inflammation and bacteria can be removed from around the tooth. This diseased tissue is irreversibly damaged and is a source of chronic infection. Removing this tissue can stimulate the immune system to heal the area.


  • Another gum disease treatment that involves removing microscopic amounts of tartar deposits on the diseased root surface. When this is complete, you are left with a clean, bacteria-free surface that promotes optimal healing and reattachment of the gingival tissue surrounding it. Local anaesthesia (freezing) may be suggested to optimize your comfort and improve the hygiene results. With healing of the gums and tissue shrinkage, less bacteria and plaque accumulate because there is a smaller surface area for attachment.
  • After the procedure is complete, our hygiene team will demonstrate the routine you can do at home to maintain these improvements. Over your next several appointments, Lakeridge Dental will re-evaluate your current state of gum health before determining if additional steps are necessary.
  • If your gum disease has actively progressed, we may recommend a consultation with a Periodontist who specializes in periodontal disease and surgical procedures. For certain aggressive cases of periodontal disease, surgical procedures with a boost in oral hygiene may offer the best prognosis to allow for complete healing. Please see our Surgery (link this to perio surg) section for more details.

Contact Lakeridge Dental to develop an appropriate treatment plan for all your gum related problems.

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