Sometimes your gums and surrounding bone can be lost which can make the teeth mobile or can expose the roots which are much more prone to cold sensitivity and cavities. Gum tissue can either be lost due to gum disease (periodontal disease), aggressive brushing with a hard toothbrush or bad habits (like using toothpicks instead of floss). Gum disease has a big genetic factor but also a big environmental factor too. If you are a smoker, are pregnant, have uncontrolled diabetes, poor oral hygiene or do not visit the dentist often, you are more at risk of periodontal disease.

The end result can be cold sensitivity, root cavities (which are more difficult to fix), mobile teeth and loss of teeth. Additionally, if you have deep spaces between the tooth and gum, you are not able to clean it. Research shows that your dental professional is only clinically proven to clean up to 4mm deep because of how small the space is.


Therefore, if you have gum recession (loss of gums) or deep spaces between the tooth and bone, you can benefit from periodontal (gum) surgery

Gum surgery is only successful in well-maintained gums so you must attend regular maintenance appointments and have satisfactory home care before being considered a candidate.

There are two types of gum surgeries:

  • Regenerative (creating new gum/bone tissue)Gum Grafts literally involve grafting your own or a donor tissue from one place in your mouth to another with the goal of creating healthy gums and covering more of the tooth.Your dentist may also apply medicine to your tooth to stimulate bone growth.
  • Resective (taking away bad gum/bone tissue)If the gums and bone are chronically infected or have unusual morphology, then the area can be smoothed and adjusted for a more favourable and healthy environment for your teeth.Poor bony contours not only make it more difficult to clean but also favours the growth of bad bacteria and pathogens which will worsen the health of the tissue even more.

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