Our goal at Lakeridge Dental is to save all of your teeth, but sometimes, when they have recurring infections, are cracked, the cavity is too large or there just is not enough space for the teeth in the arch, then dental extractions are needed.

Impacted and partially erupted wisdom teeth can cause pain, inflammation, infection, and even decay as they come into the mouth and push against other teeth. In other cases, only part of the tooth may be erupted and the flap of gum tissue can repeatedly get infected. In extreme cases, cysts may develop around the wisdom teeth. In cases like this, the health of the jaw bone is at risk and extraction will be the course of action.

When considering your other teeth, a tooth extraction is the last viable option that Lakeridge Dental would consider only after doing everything else possible to save the tooth. If the tooth has been dislodged, is badly broken down, cracked, repeatedly infected, or there is excessive loss of bone around the tooth, then tooth extraction may be considered as the best course of action to preserve the health of your other teeth and surrounding bone.

Why do you need your wisdom teeth removed?

  • If they have large cavities
  • If you have no room for them to grow in and there are other indications for extractions
  • If they are partially erupted or not erupted and causing gum problems and/or dental problems on the teeth in front
  • Every clinical situation and patient is unique, so please come in for a full assessment at Lakeridge Dental

What is the process?

First, the dentist will perform a full assessment of your medical history, dental history, family history and habits. They will then assess the tooth in the office and take some dental radiographs (X-rays) which are digital and have much lower radiation than film. After the diagnosis and treatment plan to extract the tooth are in place, the dentist will anesthetize the area for a comfortable extraction. The extraction is them performed. Most patients report feeling pressure in the area, but no pain. You are then able to go about your day as normal with minimal discomfort (unless you are sedated).

Any pain that you feel has been scientifically proven to be best managed with Ibuprofen. Your dentist will determine the proper pain control appropriate for your medical history.

The dentists and staff at Lakeridge dental are trained to treat you in a calming atmosphere and you can be assured that your dental health is in the best hands here.

Please see Sedation section if you are an anxious patient.
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