Metal Braces/Traditional Braces

The development of the jaw is crucial to the path of smile development. We mainly focus on children whose teeth, jaw structure, and facial growth are still developing. Orthodontics and orthodontic appliances aim to straighten or align the teeth by working with your child’s facial development. Typically involving short-term therapies like retainers or other fixed/removable devices, orthodontics may actually reduce the time needed for future orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatments have been proven to work in both cases of genetic and environmental malocclusion (crowded/crooked teeth) and can help children to avoid potentially damaging behaviors—like mouth breathing, tongue thrusting and thumbsucking—before they become a habit or start to negatively affect other areas of your child’s life.

At Lakeridge dental, it is our top priority to recognise early problems in the muscles, teeth and skeleton and time the treatment or referral simultaneous with the growth of the patient.

Should further treatment be necessary, you will move into the realm of braces. Orthodontics work by gradually aligning the teeth and jaws using metal braces that have been bonded to the teeth. There are decades of research behind the efficacy of treatment.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic dental braces are a form of traditional braces (bonded brackets and wire). The main difference is the type of bracket used. Ceramic brackets are clear or tooth-coloured, unlike traditional metal braces. The advantage is that it has a more esthetically pleasing result . For teeth that have a normal to dark natural colour, tooth-coloured brackets will provide the most esthetic look.

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