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Marijuana and Its Effects on Oral Health

What You Need to Know About Marijuana: Dental 101

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With the impending legalization of marijuana in Ontario, it is important to stay informed. Marijuana can have an effect on both your general health and oral health. Medical marijuana is legal in Canada. Patients often use it for chronic pain among other ailments. It is another tool in the toolbox. However, with its legalization recreationally, your teens must be educated on the health effects before making an informed decision. The dental world is currently researching into the effects of this drug on dental health and how it can be used. Legalization is helpful for researchers to look at the pain-killing and anti-inflammatory effects for oral and facial pain conditions. What we know about marijuana Cannabinoids act like Endorphins The active compound in marijuana which can be ingested directly, in food, dried, smoked or vapourized. Cannabinoids act on special receptors in cells and this can affect the release of neurotransmitters inside…

Foods & Drinks That Help Prevent Cavities

Stop tooth decay early: 6 Surprising foods and drinks that help to prevent cavities

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With the beginning of long afternoons in the sun, it may be difficult to resist savouring the sweet taste of ice cold slushies, freezies and ice cream. Limiting the amount of sugary sweets we consume will prevent cavities. Overindulgence in sweets and carbohydrates combined with a lack of dental hygiene will lead to decay. Sugar acts as a food reservoir for naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria consume the sugar and change it into acid. This combination of acid and bacteria sits on your teeth as plaque leading to holes in your teeth. According to the Canadian Dental Association, the average number of decayed, missing or filled teeth per child is 2.5 teeth. Dental sick days have lead to 2.26 million school-days (for children) and 4.15 million working-days (for adults) missed annually. With this in mind, you can use the following foods to prevent cavities: 1.Cheese Dairy products…